Why can't I get 120hz to work on my computer

I have an Intel M55 motherboard with ddr3 ram, a I5 processor and a GeForce Nvidia 9500GT graphics card. I also have a Visio 42" HDMI HDTV monitor w/ 120hz. I cannot get the video card to even give me a 120hz option. What am I missing?
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  1. I may be wrong but I don't think it's an option. Are you using a HDMI or better output?
    I thought the same, as whats the poiny of a 120 or 240 hz tv
  2. When you use a HDTV as a monitor, it might be the "fake" kind of 120Hz.

    When I say fake, I mean that the TV "mixes" the frames from the input source and just makes the overall output smoother by putting frames in between.

    A "Real" 120Hz monitor will give you the option, my brother has one of the "Fake" 120Hz TV's, 60Hz goes in, 120Hz comes out.
  3. I may be wrong here but I believe that TV's normally just take 60Hz frame rate inputs and then through hardware acceleration up the picture to 120 or 240Hz. For example plasma tv's are advertised as 600Hz but it is the tv responsible for the frame rate increase and not the input.
  4. Does the 9500GT even support 120Hz? Are you trying to get 120Hz or 3D setup? I ask because I'm not sure the 9500GT supports 3D.
  5. That TV will only accept a 60 Hz refresh rate on the HDMI input ports.

    The 120 Hz comes from the TV's internal post processing chip when it inserts an interpolated frame between each of the original 60 frames displayed each second.
  6. AS has been said, "120Hz" TV's can't accept a 120Hz signal; they take the 60Hz input and create buffer frames to create a faux 120 frame output.
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