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Hello! I am planning a pretty large build for my new home I would like to have one high end computer in the basement powering everything (mythtv backend,gaming,various instances of ubuntu and Windows 7,OpenEMR) The house is wired with Gigabit LAN. However the Ethernet is fine for my mythtv frontends but will not be for gaming so I was thinking about running HDMI through the walls but I hear signal loss is common at lengths > 10 feet. Also how would I allow headphones/mic/keyboard/mouse connect to the main comp in the basement? Through long usb cable? Ethernet? If anyone has any experience in this matter please any help would be appreciated. Price of components is not really a concern. Thank you!

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    Separate your question and help us answer them a bit easier.

    1) How should I run HDMI. I've heard of signal loss at greater than 10ft.
    -I have 50 foot runs of cheap HDMI cable and it send artifact free 1080p HDCP'd video just fine. If you only need 720p or 1080i, run component. Also, If you want to save some money, HDMI over CAT5 works well, just make sure you run 2 CAT5 or CAT6 runs where you want HDMI. The HDMI to CAT5/6 plates/adapters work well so long as you have the dual CAT5/6. RJ45 units, the single run boxes are more prone to interference. I wouldn't push much past 50 feet though if you want to keep 1080p. You should be fine for 85ft with 720p though. Just make sure you have an equalizer and possible an amp on the line.

    That should do you.

    2) I would run a patch panel to where you want everything run to with USB and Audio. Get 2 Wireless keyboards/mice and stick a receiver down with your machine (or use any kb/m on there) and with your cable run, sneek a USB extension (also can be done using CAT5/6--[just terminate it with male and female USB]--and simply connect your wireless kb & mouse receiver there. As far as audio goes, Run cable (wouldn't recommend CAT5/6 here but, it is possible, not good quality though) from your PC to your media center or wherever and either patch directly into your receiver or, get a wall plate and go that route. If you need more detail and to blatantly point out wall plates and cable I will, but Amazon has most everything you will need at a reasonable cost. Also, you may want to run power with it so that you don't get a ground hum. (Odds are you won't understand why until it's too late. Do it or you will be trying to find source of hum for a LONG time)
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