PCIe 2.1 Card in motherboard with PCIe x16 slot

I have an ASUS M2N-E (yes out-dated, with an AM2 CPU).

I read that PCIe were backwards compatible, so I went out and bought a Radeon HD 6870 with a PCIe 2.1 slot.

I made the assumption that the card would work, but when I plug it in I get the VGA not detected beep warning from the mother board.

I've already verified the PSU (650w Gold+), the BIOS (tried several of the most recent builds), and had the go around with XFX for the graphics card, where they blame the mother board, and ASUS for the motherboard which just simply tells me the graphics card is too powerful and PCIe isn't backwards compatible.

Any thoughts before I go ahead and mail in the rebate for the card and buy a new motherboard?
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    It is backwards compatible. I had a 4670 (pcie 2.0)running on a g31m es2l (pci e 1.0) motherboard for a year or so. Can you try the GPU on another computer to make sure it is not broken?
  2. Will work as well.

    It is compatible.
  3. You're all right. I broke down and bought the new PC anyways. I probably needed it anyways.

    But i gave it one last try, the first time I boot the motherboard rarely recognizes the card, but once I reset it after that it always seems to work... odd.

    FYI my new build:
    Biostar Z77 XE3
    Intel i5 3570k
    G.Skill 8gb 1866 Ram
    OCZ Agility 3 90gb SSD

    +PC Power 80+ silver 750w PSU
    Antex P280 Case
    XFX Double D Radeon HD 6870
  4. Glad we could help. That's a pretty nice system you got there so enjoy it.
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