Which is latest graphic card AMD or AMi

I have taken a sony vaio laptop with AMD Radeon graphic card.I want to know which is the latest graphic card available in the market, is it the AMD Radeon of AMi??
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  1. I think the AMi you mean is ATI. It's the same thing whether its AMD or ATI. AMD discarded the ATI brandname the previous year. So now the Radeon GPU's comewith the brandname of AMD.
  2. ATI Radeon is the name of a series of graphics cards made over the last 10 years or more. About 5 years ago AMD bought ATI.

    The cards have model numbers, that designate the design and performance.

    Also Nvidia makes graphic cards that are just as good as ATI (not ami)
  3. Why?
    Is your laptop using an integrated Radeon card? The best would be the 580 (590 would be) from Nvidia or the 6990 from AMD. Both wouldn't be a good option in the laptop segment.
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