What is the best gaming mouse period?

Hey guys I need help picking out a new mouse, I think its time to hang up my 5 year old Logitech MX laser! I have been looking at these


theres just so many to choose from! I will be mainly playing FPS styled games and have no preference in regards to wired or wireless
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  1. I use Razer Naga mouse, which is very good. It has a very good and smooth x-axis and y-axis acceleration and sensitivity, definitely would recommend. It is also very good for RPG.
  2. there honestly isnt a lot of difference, and it is really down to personal preference and feel. I suggest you get one where you can adjust the DPI with the click of a button, its usefull for getting fine accuracy in FPS and then switching back to fast movement.
  3. The Logitech G9X is nice and fairly simple. Many options and programmable.
  4. RAT 7 best. mouse. ever.
  5. jockey said:
    The Logitech G9X is nice and fairly simple. Many options and programmable.

  6. I rock a razer naga to, but i guess it's more designed for mmo's then fps, on the fly dpi switching is probably the best feature for fps as mentioned above
  7. I was searching the internet for this exact same question. Can't decide between rat7 or Logitech. I will definitely bookmark this thread and see if other people prefer one over the other.
  8. I use a Razer Deathadder. It is awesome an not too expensive. Razer has great software for setting up your mouse too.
  9. +1 for the Deathadder, it's a solid choice for a Razer mouse. I use an Imperator right now and it's got all the functions I need.

    Just a note though for Razer mice - I've used a Copperhead, Deathadder and now the Imperator and for all of them I've found that the build quality isn't too great. The Copperhead buttons stopped working and had a problem where I had to replug the mouse every hour or so. The Deathadder's left click also stopped working and now the Imperator doesn't light up/engage on startup until I give it a quick smack.
  10. R.A.T. 7. Saitek is input developer magic.
  11. Thanks for the replies, still deciding between sensei and cyborg rat. I have omitted razer as their build quality is shabby
  12. I spend $300 or more on graphics cards for gaming every couple years or so.

    My favorite mouse is the old Microsoft Optical (black). Been using it for so long anything else just feels wrong.

    Does it work good? Ask my dead foes in CS/CSS/BF2/BFBC2/BF3 Beta. :)
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