Nintendo DS launch on February 24th in Australia

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Nintendo DST to launch on February 24th at $199.95 in Australia!

Melbourne, Australia, 11th January 2005 - Nintendo Australia Pty Limited,
confirms the February 24th nation-wide launch of the eagerly awaited
Nintendo DST at SRP$199.95 with embedded messaging and communication tool
Pictochat. For a limited time at launch, Metroid PrimeT Hunters : First Hunt
demo will also be included.

Since it's unveiling at last year's Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los
Angeles only eight months ago, the Nintendo DS has broken all the existing
rules for portable video game play; two screens not just one, wireless
communication abilities and game control via voice and touch, not just with

With 2.8 million Nintendo DS units sold in North America and Japan alone,
the initial shipment of units into Australia far outweighs any hardware
launch in the history of Nintendo in this country.

"With the astounding US and Japanese results we are excited to confirm when
this amazing interactive entertainment system will become available to
Australian consumers" says Rose Lappin, Director of Sales and Marketing,
Nintendo Australia. "At the end of February the Australian public will
witness a redefining moment in interactive entertainment that will cement
Nintendo as the major innovative force of this industry".

More than 100 companies have signed on to create games for the sleek silver
and black Nintendo DS, while Nintendo itself are already developing its
first 20 titles including Super Mario 64T DS and WarioWareT: Touched! which
will be available on launch in Australia with Pokemon DashT releasing
shortly after.

The complete line-up of games for the Australian launch of Nintendo DS will
be announced shortly.
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    Ice Wipe Inc. wrote:
    > Nintendo DST to launch on February 24th at $199.95 in Australia!

    Nice to know Europe is last on the list.... again.
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    Vitani wrote:

    > Nice to know Europe is last on the list.... again.
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    Hank the Rapper wrote:
    > Vitani wrote:
    >>Nice to know Europe is last on the list.... again.

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