[CPU Fan] Sometimes Doesn't Want To Spin When Booting

Ok so first of all thank you very much for the advice you are about to give me. I sincerely appreciate it since I am dumbfounded.

Ok so I replacement my hard drive, dunno if this is important info but ill tell all. Got a replacement cause my last one failed. Put this one in and then it stated saying CPU Fan failed in the boot up screen... but it will spinning just fine? Strange I thought but might be like a error with the sensor so no biggy as long as it worked properly still. Well today I was just ignoring it and continuing like I have been doing for a day or two. Then my PC just shut off I THINK cause it didn't ever come on and I didn't notice (I ADMIT THIS, THIS WAS ALL STUPID TO BEGIN WITH lol cause I shoulda been more careful but I was without a hard drive that was functioning for like a week of NO GAMES argh I needed to play something rofl.) Then I started it up again after letting it cool but watching the CPU Fan and it didn't come on, so I gave it a little nudge spinning it the direction it SHOULD be going and BAM it took off like a Jet engine at first and seems to be working just fine now...

Still as I am sure most of you would be I am worried about it and wanna know how I can narrow down what the issue is? from what I gather from searching it could be; PSU, MOBO, The Fan... maybe more? If its simply the fan and I can narrow it down to that I can easily replace it and then hopefully be DONE with it lol
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  1. It's the fan. The 12V DC fan motor lost it's magnetic center. Probably the bearing(s). By pushing it, it found magnetic center and it took off. Replace the whole HSF unit.
  2. You need a new CPU cooler, avoid using a CPU chip makers cooler like the one that came with the CPU. Try an after market cooler since you will be spending money anyways.
  3. Yes once your stock HSF (heatsink/fan) is down pick a good 3rd party one like the Cooler Master hyper 212 + will cost you right around the same cost as the stock HSF. While the stock HSF work fine at normal temperatures if you are releasing it you might as well spend your money on a HSF that will give you better results.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  4. Thanks everyone for the advice, finally got around to shopping for one ended up with a Spin-Q Black Widow. Its quite a bit cooler than my other one (10 degrees Celsius) You were all right.

    Also thanks for the advice on the cooler. I decided to get a better one though cause I wanna get an i7 and this one fits it when I finally upgrade my Mobo and CPU.
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