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I just recently RMA'd my ASrock 970 extreme 3 motherboard because I couldn't get it to boot. The first one I just hooked everything up in case and all and got no display or anything hooked up to the motherboard to work besides the cpu fan. Took it out breadboarded and same symptoms. Ok, so I got new board and this time i breadboarded with just the cpu and speaker hooked up. Got beeps! put in the ram and video card, IT BOOTED to the bios. Ok so I thought I was good to go to install it into the case and hook everything up. I did this, turned on the computer, and nothing, same thing as before. No display, no case fans spinning but the cpu fan. I took it out to retry beadboarding and add things one at a time outside the case. Well now I get no beeps at all or boot outside the case. Something either during the installation or another piece of hardware is messing this board up. I wore a static wrist band and was pretty careful. I didnt tighten the screws down past snug on the motherboard so physically thats the only thing I could of done, that shouldnt ruin a board without excessive force. Could something hooked up to the mobo fry it? Or even the case mess it up permanently?

I am losing my mind that I got a good board and all the sudden it doesnt work. I tried removing the cmos and powering it up nothing still. I mean the computer was up had all the ram detected and cpu specs out of the box. I install it in the case and nothing. Now outside the case same, nothing, no beeps or anything. Did my board break again? It must be me or my hardware?
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  1. Did you use the standoffs when installing the mb?

  2. Yes I used the standoffs. I also did all this testing outside the case before and after. Worked before installing in case with only cpu,hsf,ram,video card. I got to bios. Installed into case, plugged front panel switches/lights/usb, chassis fans, 2 sata hdd, 1 sata dvd drive. Pressed power and it turns on but got no display, no chassis fans spinning but hsf. The only thing I could of possibly done is overtighten the screws attaching the motherboard. But we are talking snug not torqueing on it. When I removed there is actual little dust from where screws attached to mobo prolly from me. Could that totally destroy a mobo? The only other thing is the power supply has everything plugged in after I breadboard. But when I unhook it still doesnt beep at all with just the cpu and hsf installed. Could the power supply actually ruin the motherboard if it wasnt functioning correctly. Its a corsair cx600, pretty reputable. Both times I also got that new part smell which I heard could be sign of a bad power supply. Or its the motherboard dying lol. I am at a loss now. I had these symptoms before and never tested outside case to see if I am the one destroying the mobo. This time I made sure it worked and now it doesnt.
  3. I have a good feeling if I RMA the board and get a new one it will work but I still dont know how it dies after plugging everything in and installing it into the case. Kind of pointless to get a 3rd motherboard and break it with my stuff and not know what the cause is. The bios showed both sticks of ram and the processor details. I am pretty confident the cpu, ram and video card are good because it showed in the bios after these exact symptoms happened with my 1st motherboard.

  4. Could these two metal solder spots for the case construction be causing a short on my motherboards and killing them? They don't touch the motherboard but they are very close to it, about an 1/8". Could I put tape on them to make sure, is that safe being so close to the motherboard? Just some electrical tape covering those two metal points. Or is my power supply the problem? Even though tested in this less power demanding computer and got it straight to windows no problem. Besides that stuff I don't know what could be causing this besides two bad motherboards in a row.
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