Decent mobo for Phenom 965?

Title says it all, whats a decent mobo for the Phenom 965 BE? My budge is like 80 max.. I dont mind if it only has 2 ram slots, and one pci e(x16) slot.. Please dont give me something more then 80$(even if it has a mail in rebate). Thanks
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  1. Anyone? Would that mobo allow me to OC the 965 at all?
  2. Stay away from Asrock and MSI and Biostar. Three junky brands that are the soucre of more heartache than I can count. Stick with Gigabyte and Asus. You won't be sorry.
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  3. Apparently you ignored my original post
  4. Sorry, couldn't find anything worth recommending for less than 99.99. I should have said something in my post about that.
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