Which SMPS to buy ?

hi there,

Well thank you very much for taking interest in this issue but i think that the steps which has been suggested by hang- the -9 will not make much difference coz i have
already tried doing that ( i formatted the hard drive of my computer and then did a fresh installation of windows 7 and never installed any antivirus accept the motherboard drivers into the pc so that nothing can disturb the performance of the card.....and Next i have downloaded the latest driver from the nvidia website ...SO, there is no point of bugs in it.....Rest the computer fezzes or slow down completely when i try to connect the card with it)......

Now, answering your question ..... MAN i have already wrote the power supply specifications in the email on the very first time...CHECK THIS OUT ( SMPS: Iball 400 VA PWS)
THAT Describes the Make: IBALL/ Model: LPE223-400 ....... I think i have to buy a new power supply .... Will COOLER MASTER BE A RIGHT CHOICE TO GO WITH....PLS HELP


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  1. Holy crap I can barely understand what it is you're asking, or what the issue is.

    From what I can gather, it looks like you're having problems with your power supply? And you're asking for an opinion on Coolermaster as a brand for a PSU?
  2. Iball are completely crap power supplies. Coolermaster are not very good in general but have some good models. stick to anything from antec, seasonic or corsair and you will have a good PSU. Yes they will cost more than your iball crap, but there is a very good reason for that.
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