Will a corsair h100 fit in a silverstone RV03?

I am looking at buying a corsair h80, but i would prefer to get a h100 for the extra performance.
I would like to mount the h100 in the front of my case, in the drive bays. does anyone know if the h100 radiator will fit in the front of an RV03, has anyone tried it?

any response would be greatly appreciated,
thanks, Owen

(specs shown below)
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  1. Hey man doesnt make sense to used that kind of cooler in your case, the Raven series is the best air cooled cases you can buy. To answer your question NO it will not fit in your RV03. Buy a D-14!
  2. ended up going with the corsair h80 and mounting at the top as exhaust. thanks for the suggestion redeemer :)
  3. It wouldnt make sense to mount the H100 in a drive bay anyways, how would you think the heat would get out?
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