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Will to much mem hurt?

I only have a 32bit os so 4g is max usable but im getting a new MB and CPU so i will need new memory. Would it be bad to put 8g (2 - 4g sticks) with a 32bit os? Only asking because i want to upgrade to 64bit in the near future and didn't want to but memory again. or should i just use 2- 2g sticks and get 2- 8g stick when i up to 64bit later?
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    No. It will not hurt.

    U need x64bit windows to see more than 4GB.

    BTW, do u have a retail version?
  2. If u do, than it comes with x64bit windows too and it would activate.

    If u have OEM, u need to buy another windows,

    because it will not activate anymore, as there are the HW changes.
  3. No its the os that came with the computer when i purchased it. Is that what you are asking?
  4. I see. It is OEM. So when u will do the changes, u will have to purchase new windows.
  5. if you are referring to "code purple" i have a workaround for that. I upgraded HW before and got locked out, after 2 weeks of searching i found a fix.
  6. For most people 8GB is enough.

    And it is also better to get a RAM kit, its cheap and u don't have to mix the RAM : ))
  7. What is "code purple"?
  8. Ok Thx for the help i will go for the 2- 4g sticks (kit)
  9. It was a HP lockout that they had many lawsuits over. When you installed the OS it loaded but when it was to the windows loading screen it said "Code Purple" and stopped there. Like you said it was from changing the HW (cpu and ram).
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  11. Anyway,

    Good luck to you!
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