Microphone really quiet.

Hi there,

I've recently upgraded my motherboard to a Crosshair V Formula and after setting everything up with a FRESH Windows install and installing all the chipset drivers etc. etc. Everything is working fine EXCEPT for my mic. It simply records sound at a VERY LOW volume, and sounds as if the volume increases the more you "boom" your voice into the mic, and then fades away. Now, mic boost at 30dB will make my voice just about clear enough to hear well (on things such as TS and Ventrilo) however the static behind the gain is not great at all, and this problem never occured with my previous mobo (M4N98TD Evo).

I've tried literally EVERYTHING I can think of, reinstalling all the drivers, removing the Creative X-Fi and things that come with it, putting in front and back panel, changing all settings and enhancements and testing each one, everything that I could think of. (Yes, also tried using a different headset).

My headset is the Creative Fatal1ty and as said before worked perfectly fine on the old mobo with no problems at all really (apart from dodgy VIA software).

Here is my setup as follows:

AMD Phenom II X6 1090T @ 3.2ghz Stock (oc'ing later).
Crosshair V Formula 990FX Mobo
8GB G.Skill Sniper RAM 1600mhz (changing to vengeance 1866mhz in a couple of days)
OCZ ModXStream 700W PSU.
Windows 7 64bit Ultimate

I was just wondering if anyone has come across this problem before, especially in the Crosshair. Many people have reported the SAME problem with many different setups, trying other headsets, putting the headset into other computers and it works fine etc. etc. It is quite clearly a widespread problem (especially with Realtek HD Audio drivers like mine).

The only idea I have is that maybe my 700W PSU is no longer strong enough for the new motherboard, and therefore not pushing enough power to the mic?

The overall sound volume is fine, was a little quiet before loudness equalisation, but nothing major or bad.

This problem is a genuine NIGHTMARE, never in all my life have I had such a problem where I do not have the soddiest clue in my head...

Some help or previous experiences/ fixes for this would be extremely appreciated!

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  1. Is not the PSU defiantly not a power consumption issue, have you tried downloading older version audio drivers? Maybe its a problem with the newer version?
  2. To tell you the truth, I have the same problem. I have had my computer with vista for about a year now and have also found my mic to be really quiet. Its so annoying but Ive had to just adjust to it : ( I've just tried to find new ways of recording my voice instead of using my computer.
  3. Yeah I guess that will be the only way, to adjust. It is everywhere this problem, across so many different hardware, OS versions and setups. The only companie's fault whom it is, is Realtek.

    I emailed them and they just replied, "this is your motherboard that is the problem, go and get another one"... great help. Considering you are also completely clueless!

    Ah well, terrible sounding voice with +30dB it is then!
  4. What's with all the 14's?

    Pilk, sorry i was in a rush when I replied last. I have tried all different drivers and currently on the windows auto installed drivers (which seem to work best).

    I contacted Realtek again, insisting my motherboard was completely fine, and they STILL refuse to believe it is them, saying that it is my motherboard. Hopeless...
  5. LOL its actually the 18's i wanted to ask have you looked into going onto Realteks website and downloading an older compatible version driver for the board? maybe an original download for that audio chipset? Otherwise give me the part number of the audio chipset you are using and i will see if i can find it for you.
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