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I'm almost finished with my first build but I still need to choose a Graphics card. I know I want an NVIDIA but with so many options I'm stuck! I won't be doing any gaming but I will be doing HD video editing and rendering as well as working with Blu-Rays (Playing & Burning). The current specs of my build are below. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated, this is my first build!! 3D is also a necessity! And I will be running dual monitors.

Intel Core i7 2600k
Asus Sabertooth P67
HAF X Case
750W Corsair PSU
8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1866
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  1. well by the sounds of it you want a workstation card. assuming you really will not be doing, ANY, gaming.

    if that's the case can you give a budget of how much you wanna spend on your graphics card?
  2. Up to $350 would be my limit, the GTX570 was actually one of my original choices. I don't do gaming now but it doesn't mean I will never do any. Any opinions on the: ??
  3. minus the fact that the card is HUGE no it's a pretty decent card. however i would be more likely to learn towards a card by EVGA - but thats just me.

    However, you have 2 pci slots. so i would suggest getting 2 ATI cards and running crossfire.

    from worst to best (worst meaning lowest performance, still a kick-ass card and even more kick-ass-er when in crossfire)

    although the last two will put you over your $350 limit, putting them in crossfire will give you a performance boost far beyond that single 570.

    you could also look at the 5850 and 5870's, but i personally believe the 6 series i linked will perform better in crossfire.
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