No video on P8Z68

I just got a new ASUS p8z68 motherboard and set it up with a core i5 3570K

However, upon startup, I get nothing, nada, zilch. the fans spin up, and that's basically it.

Now, I hear there's supposed to have been a BIOS update to run the 3570K correctly. However, I would expect that it would at least boot up to the BIOS so that I could at least update the frickin' thing.

Also, I plugged in a speaker to the mobo speaker pins. No beeps. Nothing. Did I get a faulty board?
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  1. No, you didn't get a faulty board, you just got caught in a catch 22 situation. To use that CPU, you need a bios update, but to do a bios update, you need a working cpu.

    You can do one of two things. Return the board and exchange it for a z77 board. That will work with your cpu fron the start. Or, you can send the board in to Asus for flashing.
  2. Hi there,
    Did u plug back in the 4pin power cable?
    4/8-pin CPU power 12v ATX connector.
  3. Okay, so it's just as I feared, then.

    Well, luckily I work at my school's computer center. maybe they'll have a socket 1155 processor just sitting around or something.

    It just really kinda figures. I had this problem with the core2duo e8400 on a 650i motherboard. It just kills me that they haven't found a workaround so that all procs of the same socket are required to at least POST.
  4. Now for another quick question:

    Which would be cheaper:

    1. Go to computers plus or PC quest and have them update my bios. or

    2. buy something like a sandy bridge celeron for about 40 bucks and do it myself.

    I would prefer to do it myself either way, but money is the important part right now.
  5. Buy something like a sandy bridge celeron and return it.
  6. They could do it in the store for u, if they have a repair area like Frys store : )
  7. okay.... got an idea of which might be cheaper? I don't have a fry's nearby. I'm in the midwest.
  8. Or any PC repair shop. I would go with getting new SB CPU and return it the same day.
  9. Okay, so I got a celeron 540 and it boots up fine into the UEFI bios.

    Next, I updated the firmware from about 3500 to 3904 (the IB support was back in the 3700 series of bios.)

    However, when I switch the processor back to the i5, still no luck. it starts up, turns off for a short period, then turns on again and sticks with no video. No video whatsoever from the 9800GTX+ or from the integrated Intel 4000. What gives? Is there something i need to press?

    For the record, I'm using the DVI out.

    I put the celeron back, and it came up with a message saying "new processor!"press F1 to configure. And here I am, sitting here in the bios wondering if there's anything I can do to help the motherboard anticipate a new processor.
  10. I'm guessing here, but replace the processor again. This time clear the cmos also after replacing the cpu. That should get rid of any old unwanted values.
  11. How exactly is the CMOS reset? I know there's a jumper. Do you place the jumper in the reset position, power the computer on, turn it off, then place the jumper back?
  12. Okay, so I tried it. still no luck.

    God, I don't want to have to RMA, then wait 4 days for it to get to freaking california, then wait another 4 days for them to send me another one. Their stuff should just, you know, WORK.
  13. To clear the cmos, you move the clr_cmos jumper to the reset position, them unplug the computer at the wall. Move the jumper back into the original position, and last, plug the power back in.
  14. Nope. No success. I'm going to just run with the celeron for now to get things set up while I send the processor back to newegg to be replaced.
  15. Before I send the RMA request, is there any way to really KNOW my chip is bad? any last thoughts?
  16. Wish I had some wisdom for ya, but I just don't know.
  17. It's cool. the RMA was approved, and I'm running windows 7 on the celeron at the moment.

    It's hilarious, the power of both these cores is about the power if not less than one i5 core.

    Also, WEI:

    RAM: 7.8
    Hard Drives: 7.7
    Graphics: 7.0
    And (drumroll) CPU: 6.0

    windows boots up in about 20 seconds tops, but has a tendency to lock up once it gets there: All the other components are running circles around the processor.

    But anyway, I can't wait to get a working i5 in there! It should be a heck of an upgrade!
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