New CPU keep restarting computer?

I recently upgraded pretty much everything in my computer and kept the hard drive. I tried multiple times to use my new Pentium Dual Core E5500 with this MSI G31TM-P21 but I would hit the power button, the fans would come on then it would just shut down. After a few tries I put in my old Celeron D and everything booted fine, updated drivers and it's working. I can't play anything on a Celeron though so do you guys think If I tried to load the Pentium now that it would work? The bios seems to be the latest as it says 470 on the sticker but the Pentium says it requires bios version 450 but wouldn't higher bios versions support the older versions? Anyway I'm just asking this because I don't really feel like opening up all this stuff again and taking off that horrible push pin design Cooler Master TX3.
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    does it load the bios or anything? if it doesn't chances are that it's just incompatible. maybe a faulty processor?
  2. It doesn't load to bios, I hear the beep but then it just shuts down. The CPU was working fine in my older rig which wasn't even meant to run it.
  3. Well I just tried it again and it didn't work, I'm about to downgrade the bios to 450 and see what happens. This Celeron barely runs Firefox...
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