I5 2500k Core Temperatuers

Hey Guys,
Well I just built my first computer with the following specs.

MOBO - GIGABYTE GA-Z68XP-UD3 LGA 1155 Intel Z68 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard
CPU - i5 2500k
PSU - CORSAIR Gaming Series GS700 700W ATX12V v2.3 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC High Performance Power Supply
Graphics - ASUS ENGTX460 DirectCU/2DI/1GD5 GeForce GTX 460 (Fermi)
RAM - G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)
Hard Drive - Western Digital 500gb, 32mb cache Black Caviar
Case - Antec 900 (I thought I could use the extra fans/airflow

Well I have a few questions.
My temperatures are as follows according to Core Temp.
Core #0 :41 C, min/max ranging from 37-47 C
Core #1 : 42 C, min/max ranging from 40-49 C
Core #2 : 45 C, min/max ranging from 38-49 C
Core #3 : 43 C, min/max ranging from 40-49

Are these temperatures too high, yesterday when I was doing my BIOS, my temperatures were a bit off but it might've been because one fan was disconnected. What would be an ideal temperature, I am a bit worried because my last CPU fried in my room hitting 70-90 C but it was a prebuilt rig purchased from Dell. I am hoping this build will last me for about 5-10 years with occasional upgrading along the way.

Another thing, I was wondering to get an honest opinion about getting a heatsink or liquid cooling item to "insure" that everything stays cool, what do you guys think, I do not think I will be OC either, just occasional gaming and probably a lot of browsing/work/movies. With that, I might also cross fire my video card, maybe with another 460 so what do you guys think would best optimize my build without overdoing it?
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  1. why not stick something like coolermaster hyper 212 plus heatsink on it?--pretty cheap but good cooler

    and why get a i5 2500k if not to overclock it? --they are great overclockers
  2. Well, I built the system to use and have the fallback option of OC if I needed the extra juice, at the moment, it seems decent but that is probably me adjusting from the change from a laptop with so little to a CPU that is beastly. Are the temperatures okay though? I just checked it a few minutes ago, and it shot up to about 60 C which is scaring me a bit...
  3. 60c under load? or idle? under load thats ok if at idle then its not ok

    if you used the stock intel cooler those pins are notorious for not clicking in properly sometimes--so double check them if worried about temps
  4. With the stock cooler on the Intel® Core™ i5-2500K your temperatures are right on the upper end of what is expected.

    But here is a trick to test to make sure that your heatsink is seated right. If you can reach and grab the twist clip and pull straight up then it wasnt seated right. Do this on all 4 of the twist clips for the HSF (Heatsink/Fan). If any of them pull up then you need to take the time and make sure that each are seated correctly before you move forward with the games.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  5. Thanks for the helpful hints, I'll be sure to doubecheck the heat sink soon. As for installing Mac onto it, do you guys have any helpful hints to do it? I plan on installing Mac soon but I don't want to have any stability issues. I am currently running a Windows 7, 64bit.
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