Px79 vs z77

which one will give me better performance the asus px79 ws with i7 3930k ,32G ddr 3 quad channel ,or the asus p8z77 with i7 3770k,32G ddr 3 dual , i need the computer for rendering ,video editing , designing (Photoshop,....) and play games. i'll use the GTX670 from asus .
if there is another motherboard better than the ws please tell me.
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  1. 3930 will win.
  2. The video will benefit more from the 3930K.

    Check this @ http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/552?vs=551
  3. Hmm...I totally agree with @Nikorr. I'd love to see the IB do this (CPU):

  4. thanks.
  5. thanks.
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