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Onboard Video howto enable

My motherboard has VGA, DVI and HDMI outputs, which work when there is no graphics card in the PCI-e slot. As soon as I put a graphics card (which happens to be an ATI Radeon card) in the PCI-e x16 slot, the motherboard video dies; the graphics card video is fine. However, I want BOTH to be active, so I can hook up four monitors. The BIOS -> Integrated Peripherals screen does not give me a choice. Is there any way I can have both the motherboard video and the graphics card active?
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    haha no that would make things far too simple my friend. if you want 4 monitors you need to buy a 2nd graphics card and put it in a second pci slot. and if you don't have a 2nd x16/x8 pci slot then you would need a new mobo.

    to answer your question, you can't use both the graphics card and onboard video.
  2. I was afraid that would be the answer! Well, the motherboard does have another slot, so I will have to grit my teeth and shell out the money.
  3. well before you do, whats the exact make/model of the mobo? it may be an x4 slot and not an x8/16
  4. opexx said:
    well before you do, whats the exact make/model of the mobo? it may be an x4 slot and not an x8/16

    The motherboard is a BIOSTAR TH67B (LGA 1155, Intel H67 chipset). It does have an x4 (as opposed to x8/x16) slot. However, I understand I can get around that by using an x1 video card (yes, such animals exist!), or by putting in a PCI card. I also notice that even if I put my spare x16 video card in it, the OS recognizes it and loads the driver for it. So, even if I don't have this solution worked out, I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel - it doesn't look like the train coming in from the opposite end!
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  6. I added a PCIE video card and got internal and PCIe graphics going at the same time on my Biostar TH67B (with Core-I7 2600), EVGA GT430 Nvidia card in PCIEx16 slot with 2 DVI 1280x1024 monitors, and motherboard vga port (haven't tried dvi yet, third monitor is old) with 1280x1024 monitor.

    My BIOS North Bridge settings are...

    VT-d: Enabled
    Initiate Graphic Adapter: PEG/IGD
    IGD Multi-Monitor: Enabled
    everything else default settings

    I had a glitch while installing the new video card and needed to default the BIOS. So maybe that would help...
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