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Hey, my brother is wanting to upgrade the graphics card in his computer from the 9600 GT I gave to him to something better. The only problem is that with his power supply the card can only have 1 6-pin power connector. What is the best graphics card he can get that only has 1 connector?
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  1. it doesn't really matter that he only has 1 6 pin connector.

    there's always the option of adapters - upgrading power supplies - or the 3rd, theres plenty of nice cards (much better than a 9600) that only use 1 6 pin.
  2. I am already using adapters to make the power supply able to use one pin, so I need a good recommendation for a good 1 6pin graphics card.
  3. He is right that number of connectors doesn't matter. What card you can use depends on the ratings of the power supply. Tell us the brand and model otherwise there is no way to tell what card will work. Tell us the rest of the system's specs as well, the monitor's native resolution and roughly how much you are willing to spend.
  4. More important than what wiring the PSU has what brand\model is it ??? -- just because it has free cables to adapt to use a 6-pin doesn't mean it has the amperage on the +12V rails to run a video card and remain stable !! Before we can give any recommendations on what card to get we'd need to know the make\model of the PSU or the available wattage on the +12V rails. and the rest of the system specs. (ie. it'll make a difference if you are using a 65W or 125W CPU as well since that could change how much is left to run the GPU !)
  5. If your psu doesn't have any pci-e connectors it more than likely doesn't have the necessary power to run higher end video cards...
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