HP dc5000 Can I boot from the PCIE?

I picked up a dc5000 (cheap) for my daughter to use as she is known as a 'computer killer'. I sure don't want her on my 4GHz I7 system. My problem is that the last PC ran a SATA HDD and this one runs ATA. I know I can get a bootable ATA/SATA PCIE but the question is, will the older dc5000 let me boot from the PCIe slot? Basically, I'm trying to avoid getting another HDD and having to re-install the OS then take the old drive and pull everything off it.
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  1. If you are moving a drive to a new machine, you are going to need a new install anyway. Sometimes an install will boot on new components but very seldom is that the case. Even if that does work, you will have loads of problems thereafter. It will be slow, erratic, glitchy, system errors, the works. This is not a new thing, since around XP OS's were no longer Plus-and-Play. (Even Win2k had issues transferring an entire HDD)

    Yes, you will probably be able to boot of the card in the PCI slot (PCI-X) but, you will need to do a clean install or, at the very least, a windows repair to get it operational.
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