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Modular PSU - one cable for each 6 pin on GPU, or one cable per GPU?

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October 6, 2011 3:15:53 PM

All...I have purchased a modular PSU. There is a review here (that explains the distribution of the 2 12v rails)

In the box I have 2 cable to connect to the GPU

1 x Cable with a 6 pin connector and an 8 pin connector
1 x Cable with a 6 pin connector and an 8 pin connector

Each GPU has 2 x 6 pin connector (GTX 560)

Can I run one GPU from one cable i.e. there is a single modular connection at the PSU being used to run both the 6 pin and the 8 pin connector (with 6 pin adapter) on each cable (with one cable for each GPU)

Or will I have to connect each 6 pin slot on the GPU's to their own individual modular slot on the PSU = 4 cables total (instead of 2 proposed above) ?

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October 6, 2011 3:40:44 PM

not going into detail here, but it's generally healthier to spead the load over more rails.

I don't know the draw the gfx requires to compare it to the max output of the rail (ideally you don't want to stress the psu)
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October 6, 2011 3:44:13 PM

The preferred way is 1 cable per 6-pin on the card. The whole idea of two 6-pin connectors is to provide enough amperage for the card, without overloading the wire.(or the connector) and causing it to overheat.
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October 6, 2011 7:44:16 PM

Run it on separate cable. There are instancies that the draw from one is higher than the other.

It will prevent voltage drop when there is current surge. That is when cards started to crank up like when palying games.
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October 6, 2011 11:29:48 PM

It really doesnt matter how you do it, especially since you are only using two 6 pin connectors per card, an 8 pin connector provides up to twice as much power as a 6 pin connector and the 560 isnt going to be maxing out the connectors and isnt going to pull anywhere near enough to endanger the wires.

You can do each card one a single cable, one connector from the cable per card with adapters for the rest(adapters arent recommended if they can be avoided), the power supply really doesnt care. Voltage drop from the wires is negligible, so that can be ignored, also the unit has each PCI-e connector on a different rail so the load is automatically spread for you.

Connect it which ever way is easiest for you and keeps clutter down, the power supply really doesnt care.