Best LGA 1155 mobo

I need a motherboard for an i5 2500k build i plan on doing.

I have a XFX 6950 2gb gpu so im not really worried about integrated graphics, although it wouldnt hurt just in case i run into a problem down the road.

I want the ability to run two gpus in case i would like to in the future.

I also need a usb 3.0 header seeing as how the Rosewill Challenger 3 i bought has front panel usb 3.0.

This was the mobo i was planning on using

but it does not have a usb 3.0 header.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks.
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  1. If you spend a few more bucks you can get this
  2. Asrock z77 Extreme6, even if you have Sandy Bridge, its a great motherboard, and your GPU will still work fine (if not slightly slightly better) on PCIE 3.0, it also has a USB 3.0 header!

    The link -
  3. why do people recommend asrock? ASUS or Gigabyte seriously
  4. apache_lives said:
    why do people recommend asrock? ASUS or Gigabyte seriously

    Do you know what your talking about? Asus is Asrock's parent company, they have been making great boards for a long time, but especially in the last few years, read the reviews!

    Edit: Sorry my mistake, Asus WAS the parent company of Asrock, but the popularity they received allowed them to brake of from Asus, but irrelevant, they make great boards!
  5. I would definitely like to save some money, but dont want to make the same mistake i did on my last build and save too much money and limit my ability to upgrade. trying to find the perfect balance right now.
  6. Any Z77 motherboard will allow you to use Ivy Bridge CPU's without any BIOS upgrade and,when used with an Ivy Bridge, will allow you to use PCIe 3.0 and faster RAM sticks so it would not limit your ability to upgrade
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