New computer build keeps restarting every few seconds?

Hey, this is the second computer I have built from scratch and I'm having a lot of problems with it. I managed to connect everything together, which the components being:

MSI P67A-C43 B3 Intel P67 Motherboard:

Intel Core i5-2400:

Ultra U12-40874 LSX 750-Watt Power Supply:

and Patriot PSD38G1600K Signature Line DDR3 Non-ECC Unbuffered Memory - 8GB (4GB x 2), DDR3, PC3-12800 (1600MHZ), CL9:

I do have an EVGA GTX 560 video card, DVD drive, and a 1TB HDD but when I had everything connected the computer reset, so I only have the CPU, CPU Fan, Motherboard and PSU connected to test if it works or not.

When everything was connected all the fans worked, including the video card but the system kept on restarting every few seconds and would continue on and off so that's why I'm running it with only the bare components. Also, I tried it without any RAM and it still has the same problem so at this point, I have no idea what to do.

I am including some photos and a video of what exactly occurs when I attempt to turn on the computer so I hope it helps in some way.

P.S., Yes, I have it on the floor but it's on an anti-static bag so I'm trying to keep it from damaging. Also, don't say I damaged it myself from the beginning because I used the utmost care when installing it into my case, which is a Thermaltake V3 Black Edition Mid Tower Case. If something were to have happened when I took it out then why does it have the same problem? Please help me on this because I am not too experienced with this, I've just only built one other computer before and it worked fine form the start.

Thermaltake V3 Case:
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  1. Double check that your CPU's heatsink/fan is connected properly. You are describing a system shutting down for heat (one reason anyway). If that doesn't solve the problem, make sure you PSU is connected properly with both the main and aux power connectors firmly attached to the mobo. Good luck!
  2. Taking it off that antistatic bag will help, the outside of those is conductive and most likely your shorting,
    Breadboarding is so-called because you use a non-conductive surface to do it on, like a wooden board, or card, post back any progress dude :)
  3. If you cpu is overheating, it will shut down.

    Did you remove the plastic from the bottom of the cpu fan before attaching it?

    Is it attached correctly?
  4. I know it's been a while but everything seems fine... I removed the plastic, I'm pretty sure the fan is connected properly, I tried the motherboard inside the PC before and after I posted this thread and it still results in the same issue. Any other ideas?
  5. I have the exact same issue. Tried the exact same thing. I have the EVGA x58 mobo and i7. I stripped it down to cpu, mobo, psu and i get the infinite cycle of on/off. If you solved the problem I would like to know the solution. Thanks.
  6. It could be that your PSU does not have enough power, or is broken or something, i have heard when PSU start to fail the computer will go into a rebooting loop.
  7. I tried it with a different PSU and it resulted in the same problem.
  8. yep just bought a new psu and tried it, still the same problem. I ordered a different mobo and will replace cpu.
  9. Turns out it was a defective board. Although I really did not want to, I called MSI support and after explaining the problem the guy on the other line knew exactly what the problem was and I got an RMA. First try with MSI, really disappointed. For all of you having this problem with an MSI board, it's probably defective.
  10. Glad you solved the mystery Good luck!
  11. COLGeek said:
    Glad you solved the mystery Good luck!

    Unfortunate news... this mystery is not solved. The new board arrived today and guess what? Same exact problem. I'm now almost 100% sure that something is shorting out the motherboard (getting two DOA motherboards in a row is highly unlikely...still could be the problem but I doubt it.) I've been looking over some things and got to this thread,
    And this comment:
    "For troubleshooting purposes, disconnect the reset switch. If it is shorted, the machine either will not POST at all, or it will endlessly reboot.
    The paperclip trick on the power switch leads can be used to verify if these lines are shorted (or open). If they are shorted, the usual symptom is the PC will power on for 4-5 seconds, then shut down again.
    If the system powers on long enough for LEDs to flash and fans to flicker, then shuts off, this symptom suggests a short-circuit somewhere. This is one reason why disconnecting all non-essential components (even the drives) to try for a POST is useful. Be aware that a disconnected GPU will usually shriek to complain of insufficient power. If your mobo has it, use onboard video for initial testing."

    Judging by the fact that I tested this motherboard with a different PSU then something else has to be causing the problem. The board came with M connectors for my front panel connecters and I was wondering if these could be the problem? As for the suggestions on that thread... I will continue trying the ones that seem to be related to my problem.

    Although, I'm up for suggestions, thanks.
  12. are you sure that the pc is wired correctly often the led lights make the pc restart constantly , also check your ram slots and make sure both are the same DDR number ensurig there is no conflict as that is also known to cause possible issues .
  13. You are down to 2 possible issues now, the memory and the CPU itself. If you have access to some compatible RAM, try swapping it and see what happens.
  14. Reset the CMOS
  15. Having a similar problem did you happen to find the problem??
  16. Dudes, you do realize that this is a post from 2011 right?
  17. Did u try to reset the cmos?
  18. Wow I have been having the same issue. After talking the uttermost care after the install, my server seems to be doing the exact same thing. I will contact MSI today and have them RMA immediately. Thanks.
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