Need help on buying DDR

I have just received a couple of PC2100 Micron sticks that
I had bought on line... but the sticks have a label bearing "eng. sample". Should I send them back?.

Thanks in advance for your info,

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  1. Probably the only reason these are engineering sample is that DDR is so new in production. If they work, use them...

    I guess that's what you get for being the first on your block with a new toy. (Do you have a DDR mainboard already? or are you ordering extra ram for a system that's on the way?)

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  2. I have 4 sticks of the same memory and it all works great (red PCB, right?). Anyway, the memory you have was from the pre-production run. It was sent off to companies like AMD to use in testing and development (I work for AMD). I dont think you will have any problems with the sticks you have. They all would have been tested by the manufacturer. However, you do have a legitimate complaint. Engineeering samples are not fully qualified. And although they are tested, they may not (reads:probably not) have gone through all of the test conditions that full blown production units would be subjected to. I would have no issue with something labelled "Engineering Sample", but it is not standard material AND definatley should NOT be sold through retail channels!

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  3. I intend to buy a DDR mobo before Christmas (Asus?) and also a Thunderbird 1.2 G (133 FSB).

    Thank you very much for your answers (both of you).
  4. Good Luck. Where do you live? US?

    IF you want a complete system you could try buying one from From what I under stand that has a Gigabyte Mainboard in it though. Asus hasn't announced one officially yet (that I know of, I might have missed it). has a listing (or was that same guy) of various Amd motherboards and what is supported in them.

    I'm waiting until spring when the clear winner in the DDR motherboard race is known.

    I haven't

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