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this is my assignmet please help


The CEO of an organization which has just been upgraded to a medium size establishment realized to increase the productivity of its employees, which stands at 80, is to network the personal computers belonging to 75 of its employees’. This was necessary to enable convenient file sharing and quick correspondence both internally and externally. Being in the business of supplying engine parts to different car manufacturers, the CEO also identified the need to monitor and secure the orders made by the manufacturers and as well sensitive information indicated within their correspondences through electronic mail particularly by sales personnel. In addition, the security and confidentiality of information pertaining to the organization’s products, accounting and as well human resources are also essential since there are plans to increase the number of products sold and employees.

The CEO has hinted that the organization will plan to move into their newly purchased office building within 1 year time but currently they are occupying 2 floors of a 10 storey building. The sales, accounts, and human resource departments are located on the 6th floor whereas the CEO’s room, research and development, and product design departments located on the 9th floor. The production work is done at a factory which is offsite and is not being considered at the moment.

Therefore, the CEO has acquired your services as the network consultants to take on the responsibility of proposing the network, the necessary equipments, security issues, and any other operational requirements to meet the goals mentioned above. The proposed network client/server room is to be located on the 9th floor.
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    People that answer things on this forum don't like to give out homework answers too easily :-)

    Your write up is a classic question on the MS exams, if you do some searching around I'm sure you'll find the answer even without reading though several books.
  2. I agree. Do your own homework or if you cannot, seek help from your teacher or a tutor.
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