Which processor should i buy? Intel quad core or core 2 duo?

Hi, I'm thinking of upgrading my pc. i've got an lga775 p5g41t motherboard. it supports core 2 duo and quad core processor. currently i'm running on pentium 4 630 64bit processor. I usually use it for gaming. I'm thinking of playing farcry 2, assassin's creed, dragon age 2, gta 4 etc. Which processor should i buy? Currently i'm on onboard graphics with shader model 4.0. Can i play above listed games without upgrading my processor and only by adding an extra graphic card? (That way i can save some money.)
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  1. GPU will give you by far the biggest improvement, pick your budget, pick a card, look for offers on better cards :),review-32274.html

    Q8400 would be good too, but only after the GPU.
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    ^+1 on the GPU but...

    You WILL be severely CPU limited in modern games by that Pentium 4 beyond 1280x1024

    If you are on a budget I highly recomend a E7500 (the closest thing to value per $ in LGA775) and a HD 5770; if you shop carefully the combo is under $150 and will play any current game quite well (day and night better than P4 and IGP).
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  4. FOR GAMING CORE 2 DUO E7500, 7600 Is good but its only 3mb cache speed calculation per sec is almost same an this model nos of core 2 duo equivalent to core i3. BUT CORE 2 DUO E8400 AND E8500 Is better because speed is higher and cache Mb also high equivalent to core i5.
  5. core 2 quad q8300 is 2.50Ghz, 4 cores 4 threads.. better to buy this processor instead of dual core or core i3, i5 for those who have low budget..
  6. good example for u. how u should buy a processor.
    dual core power is like having 2brain.
    core 2 duo power is like having 4 brain.
    core 2 quad power is like having 8 brain.
  7. dual core is like core i3.
    core 2 duo is like core i5.
    core 2 quad is like core i5, core i7. its depends on a model numbers of each processor.
    note: i mean only latest models of dual core or core 2 duo or core 2 quad
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