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Ati 5770

Is ati gonna run with dell precision 390?I mean the power supply.Do I have to change it.precision 390 has 375w power supply,so is it gonna be a problem with ati 5770.
Please reply asap
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  1. Yes it will.Try going with the 5670 or 5750.I would reccomend the 5670 just to have a little extra power for whatever needs.You would be maxing it out with a 5750.
  2. It will be fine. The dell 375 has 30A on its 12v rail, plenty of power for a 5770.
  3. well...which is better in these(not in performance)but in power
    gts 450 aur ati 5770.
  4. They use about the same power. Just under 110W. Be careful with the GTS450 as stock its 106W, but the highly OC'd cards can use a lot more.
  5. so what should i choose...tell me the performance as well as power....I am not going to change my supply
  6. I'd probably go with the 5770. The 5750 might be a better option if your really worried about your PSU. Its TDP is only 76W, and it has the same performance as the stock GTS450. Either of the cards should be fine, pick the cheapest.
  7. The 5770 uses less power and is generally a little faster (the GTS 450 is faster in some cases but not the majority). A 5770 should be fine with that PSU though, so go with it.
  8. Just don't try to max out your system with prime 95 and furmark for an extended period of time :p
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    The 5770 is a lot better in performance than the GTS450 yet they roughly use the same amount of power.I'm still reccomending oyu go with the 5670 or 5750.It's not good to run a PSU at it's maximum.Over time it will decrease it's life expectincy.
  10. hmmmmm.Well I think 5770 would be better for it is cheaper and also better than 450 in performance.I am going to play games not more than 2-3 hours a day,so I don't think it would be a problem or would it create?
  11. Well, 2-3 hours per day every day may end up in issues if the 5770 is maxing out what your power supply can output. That being said, it's why purple stank suggested in getting a 5670.
    Depending on what your resolution is, the 5670 should manage most if not every game at 1280x720 with 4xAA+/1680x1050 with 2xAA.
  12. well tell me something about 5670... Is this support Hd? and is it gddr5..can you please send me a link of its properties
  13. and I have a 21 inch hd lcd.So is it going to be a good card?the 5670..I am gonna play games like assassins creed 2 and cod7 black ops and fifa 2011...not like crysis etc
    It's MW2, but bascially you can see that with the game a 5670 can do 1920x1080 @50fps. With Black Ops, you'll get around the same performance.
    So, expect 30fps+ at 1920x1080 for most games without any AA. With AA you may go down 5-15fps, so around 30fps.
  15. well than..I think 5670 is better for me.
    Thanks everyone
  16. well still,anyone with better option can tell me...I will choose the best answer in 24 hours
  17. If you've got the cash, I'd get something better then the 5670. 5750 if you don't trust your PSU or the rest of your system is weak, or the cheaper of the GTS450/5770. (or get the 5770 if you want the best performance.)
  18. 5770 is better than any of pc has 375w power supply and it can have maximum of 150w card power.I want to know if I buy 5770 would it be a problem.Its consumption is 106w but would it overclocked?
  19. I'm sure it is possible to for your PSU to run a 5770 but all i'm saying is that it's not a good idea to run a PSU at it's maximum,it will reduce it's life cycle.And if for some reason it does fail it could take other things with it than just the GPU.I'm reccomending you get the 5670 or 5750 because it's better to be safe than sorry.
  20. well than 5750 looks fine to me...what is the match of ati 5750 in nvidia.
  21. GTS450 is the eqvilent to the 5750.

    I'd also suggest going with the replacement cards for the 57xx series.The 6750 is the replacement for the 5750 and it's a little better at a few things,mainly crossfire scaling and tesselation,but it's the same price as th 5750.

    6750 $105 + $7 shipping
  22. well i dont think 6750 is available in my country..and gts 450 is has 108w power so I am not gonna choose 5750 looks better...
    can you please send me a link which has price list as well as power consumption.
  23. Hi gyz again..Well how about ati 5670...its power consumption is very less and my lcd is of 19 inch and would not increase is this gonna be a good card or not?
  24. A 19" screen is either 1600x900 or 1440x900.The 5670 should have no problem playing games at those resoultions.
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