Need opinions for component choice on a new system

Hello everyone,

I am going to build a new system and i require assistance and opinions in order to make the final choice for the components I am going to choose.

I do not have a standard budget but I am looking to reduce cost wherever possible.

I will post specific components, but any other suggestion is totally acceptable and don't take into account if it is available in the website I post.

I live in Greece and the links I am going to post will be from greek stores or from the manufacturers websites.

I play games, but I wouldn't call myself a hardcore gamer (I mostly play football manager, nba 2k and in some cases FPS from time to time).

I already possess a PSU, it is a Coolermaster silent pro 600w:

For the proccessor I am between the i-5 2500 and the 2500K I have never overclocked in my life so far but i think I may start now!

For the motherboard I think I will purhase a Z68 one and what I need is the support of both usb 3.0 and sata III technologies. Should it be an atx or a m-atx? Here are my two choices:

Do you think that Gigabyte or MSI is more trusted manufacturer?

For the case I chose a coolermaster:

from the manufacturers website:

I will also be given for free a Graphics card, its not the toughest I could afford but it is for free and I am going to use it, maybe I could crossfire it for better performance!

For the hard drives now...Should I purchase a Solid state drive? If I will, it is going to be a sata 3 (60gb). Could you reccomend me some?
I will also purchase a WD caviar black sata 3 1TB or 640GB (or should it be a sata 2 if I have an SSD?).

I would also like to get 8gb of RAM but i dont know anything about it and I wouldnt like to spend too much money on it.

I would grateful if you could make suggestions about the RAM and the SSD from the site because a friend of mine is coming in three weeks from USA and he could get them for's the link:

Thank you in advance for your help and patience and excuse me if my english is not totally proper.
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  1. For your purposes you can go with an i3 or non-K i5 and H61/H67. It will restrict you from overclocking but you won't need it for your uses. GB and MSI are both big companies and will have similar quality.

    For the games you play the video card should be fine.

    8GB of RAM is nice but I doubt you need it. I only use more than 4GB when I play WOW and do like 20 other things.

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