Monitor stopped working due to BIOS change?

Hi, so basically I have a Radeon 6870 and wanted to make it my main video card, however I also had an intel chipset graphics card which was the main priority, I was told to go into BIOS and disable intel video card so that when it loads, it boots up using the Radeon graphics.

So I did it, I then restarted my PC and the mintor automatically goes on 'Snooze' I've also tried attaching it to the graphics card [the monitor] and it's as if the monitor isn't even connected to the PC..

What should I do? I can't even access the BIOS anymore
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  1. Move your video cable back to the intel one to get into the bios again just incase it didnt save.
  2. it did save and i did that. don't work it goes to sleep straight away
  3. got it fixed remove the battery and put it back in
  4. Turn the monitr off and on again and go thru the different input sources and see if you are getting any signal.
    You may have to reset the cmos on your motherboard if you cant get back in.
  5. Awesome , reseting the cmos usually does the trick.
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