New motherboard, need files from the hard drive

I just got my computer back with it's new motherboard, but I need to get files from the hard drive before reinstalling windows.
I'm quite the newb, but what I understand is that this new motherboard got no drivers and that's why no mouse or keyboard I own works. To get the drivers you need to reinstall windows, which will wipe the hard drive(?)

So I'm wondering if there's any way for me to get access to these files, perhaps by installing drivers only for the mouse and/or keyboard without having to completely reinstall everything?

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  1. (Sorry for double post, won't let me edit)
    Maybe a Repair from the Windows 7 CD might work? I don't have my own right now though, will someone elses work?
  2. Did you try booting your PC? Windows 7 should automatically detect your keyboard & mouse.
    I replaced my motherboard, a few months back, without re-installing windows.
  3. I am at the login screen, but neither my mouse (logitech mx518) nor keyboard (logitech g510 and some old standard keyboard) works.
  4. Update: I connect another mouse (Razor diamondback) and now it suddenly works. Thanks for the reply!
  5. You're welcome.
    So, can you log into windows?
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