ASUS Crosshair Formula V DRAM led issue

I just made my new build and I've been having issues with the dram q led light on my asus motherboard. It wont POST into bios, and everything else is fine. MEMOK doesn't work as shown in the video.

Corsair H70
2x4gb g.skill ripjaws 1600mhz
1tb segate barracude hdd 7200rpm
raedon hd 6850 gpu
asus crosshair formula v mobo
thermaltake 775kw psu
antec 1200 v3 case

Any Ideas? is me
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  1. call asus: 1-812-282-ASUS(2787)
    ps i also posted on ur vid
  2. Asus was closed by the time I got to them. I plan on calling tomorrow.
  3. had same problem. make sure bios chip is seated properly
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