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Which motherboard??

okay guys, so I'm doing another gaming build for myself and am stumped on what motherboard would work best with all of these other parts.

Here are the parts i have.

4.2 Ghz quad core

16gbs of G Skill Rip Jaws

apevia 700W

2x sapphire hd 6850 2gb (yes i will be crossfiring, these were gifted to me, i would rather have went with nvidias gtx 570+ personally)

i will be liquid cooling the buidl after all is well with it.

What do you guys think? I will be overclocking the processor just a little bit, but not too much, and those video cards stay insanely cool when they're overclocked so i don't think ill be liquid cooling them so space is not an issue.
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    Can't go wrong with that ASUS board, I wouldn't spend money on 16 Gbs of RAM if your gaming, 8 Gbs will be just fine, I would take that money and get a higher quality PSU low quality PSU's don't last long and when they go they'll take everything their plugged into with it. Apevia isn't good stuff and that one PSU has 4 12v Rails on it which will split up the power to much for 2 graphics cards. I always like the ones with 1 12v rail, so you don't have to worry.

    Basically look for a PSU that:
    a) has a single 12v rail
    b) the 12v rail delivers enough power
    c) is rated to be 80+ and then a medal (bronze, silver, gold, platnium)
  2. alright man thanks, i really wanted a gigabyte mobo but they don't post with fx processors they have to have their bios updated but i don't have another processor laying around to update it with when i get it lol
  3. Yea i know how those motherboards are, slowly more and more of them ship AM3+ ready but many still do not.
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