AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb psu?

Will a 500 watt psu enough for a 550 ti and a AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb with ddr3 1066 ram?
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  1. Yes it will be fine if it is of reasonable quality!
  2. good enough quality? And thank you for your response :)
  3. Not the best of PSU's but if you already have it it will, if not get something better!
  4. Can't find anything better for $40 though right?
  5. This is better although smaller but can run your rig
  6. can you tell me what makes it better? i don't really know anything about this stuff.
  7. I can say from experience that those eXtreme power PSU's aren't stellar. The grow unstable with time, and I've yet to see one last more than a year or two. The fans and caps don't have a good lifetime.

    I'd seriously consider investing in something higher up in terms of quality. A good PSU will last years, run stable, and can be used across multiple builds.

    Reputable brands in the PSU department tend to be Corsair, Seasonic, and Thermaltake(Tough Power). 500w supply should work fine with that build, but it's always good to shoot a little over the minimum. A good PSU from these brands won't run over $80 given your power demands.
  8. Mostly because of reputation and the ability to deliver what it is advertized for which can not be said about budget CM PSU's. If you google reviews for those units you will find out.
  9. I'd stick to Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, and XFX if I didn't want to bother reading reviews (Thermaltake and OCZ are hit-and-miss).

    If you're not gonna get a graphics card that uses more than 1 auxiliary connector (6870 or weaker), then a Corsair CX430 will get the job done just fine for you and is typically $20 after $20 rebate. Sometimes it's $5 cheaper or more expensive. (Or right now it's $35, which is unusually high).

    I found this Antec 620W Neo Eco for $30 after rebate a couple weeks ago:
    It's $73 now, so you want to look for deals.

    EDIT: Aside from just Brand Name, you want to look at the Amperage on the +12V rail. Volts x Amps = Wattage. It's more complicated with multiple +12V rails because how they add up depends on circuitry. You'll see with that Coolermaster you linked that it actually only has 360W on the +12V rail (see label in images). That means it should be rated for about 400W. The Corsair CX430 has 25A on the +12V rail, or 336W, which means it should be about 375W, which is why people compare it to the Antec EA-380D, which also allows 336W on it's +12V rails according to its label.

    A better built PSU not only has to provide enough power, but it provides it consistently as fluctuating currents and voltages can damage components.
  10. Antec Earthwatts EA-380D for $25:

    Google Shopping Reviews say this seller is solid, but you should check for yourself.
  11. I just got a Antec High current 400 the other day as a Shell shocker deal for 29.99 to keep as spare. There are always deals out there but the rule of thumb is do not skimp on the PSU because a bad one can kill other more expensive parts!
  12. Thanks everyone, How is this one? good if i want to upgrade my card in the future?
  13. Rosewill goes in in class with CM.
  14. Here's a nice tiered PSU list. Don't go below Tier 3:
  15. youll defenetly be able to run this with a quality 500watt PSU no problem , i had exact setup as you but only a 480watt PSU and everything ran smooth as butter, BTW good call on that cpu i changed pretty much all my hardware but kept the X4 965(deneb) overclocks like a champ, love it. I now have two setups with this exact processor Best Mid-Upper range processor for the price no question.
  16. @pmct132--It all depends on what 480W PSU you had. If it was a Logisys, then you were doing it with a 260W PSU actually. But like you said, it's the quality that matters--500W would be more than enough. The Antec Earthwatts EA-380D would handle this as well.
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