Windows doesn't start after BIOS upgrade

Hi all
I have a horrible problem after upgrading my M.B. BIOS.
I've upgraded ASUS P8P67-LE BIOS to latest version but windows didn't start after that and Blue dead screen appears.
I removed M.B. battery and changed BIOS setting to default but it didn't work.
unfortunately I don't have any back up.
does anybody know how can I fix it?
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  1. You may need to setup you bios options again. Check the setting for storage options. If the OS was built with AHCI and it's not set that way it will blue screen. AHCI vs Compatiblity mode.
  2. when you do a bios update it reverts the settings to default automatically if im not mistaken. I think you might have an issue with the "mode" your hdd or sata controller is set to operate in (IDE/ACHI/RAID) if you don't remember what it was set to before try, load your bios settings and change the settings to something else and then try load windows.
  3. Thanks guys
    It worked by changing Hard Drive Mode ;)
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