Reccomendations for a 140mm horizontal case fan? (Not a 120mm mounting, a 140mm.

So the front top fan that came with my Lian Li Lancool PC-K62 cracked and is, as thus, unusable.

I need suggestions for a good airflow fan to replace it, that actually is mounted via 140mm and not 120mm. I would prefer more air movement rather than quietness, but if there is one with an excellent combo of both I would like to hear of it as well. :D
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  1. From what I have seen, it looks like my options are a Noiseblocker, or an Aero Shark. Is that about right? Which would you recommend?

    Or am I forced to get something slower since the other top fan is only 1000 rpm?
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    Coolermaster's 140mm works pretty well. I've used them in a couple of cases. It is 60cfm, which is more than you'll need most of the time assuming you have at least 2 fans and it is quiet which is nice even when not a priority
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