Belkin F5D5231-4 is it dead?

I have been having network slowdown to non-existence. After many bouts with AT&T, indications were looking like a DSL modem or the Belkin router was not working properly. Replaced the Speedstream modem with a Motorola, both from AT&T. For a brief time, connectivity seemed restored. Soon reverted to a slowdown deteriorating to none.

After many resets of all hardware, I posted symptoms at Belkin and elsewhere for help. Went through all suggestions including Belkin resetting to factory default. For a time I was not able to connect to the routers web page. after following Belkin, I got in after resetting to factory default. However after restoring my saved configuration which I had done some months ago, the sypmtoms returned. I am not longer able to get a lock on the router and have had to bypass it to use the modem directly. Even using the paper clip in the reset hole no longer seems to do anything.

Through all of this, I found it strange that unless I had a lock with the router I could not get into its web page.

Presently waiting for Belkin to call. Question; Is this router dead? Any other suggestions?
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  1. Routers can fail, and they are very difficult to troubleshoot. This one is most likely toast. Since you can connect to the internet just fine while plugged into the modem you can safely say that this is a router issue and it needs to be replaced.

    I had my linksys go bad after 6 years and it started to do the same thing. Finally went out and bought a Gb router instead :)
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