Installing additional cooling fans dell dimension e510

Hello,i own a Dell Dimension E510 and my utility program(System Mechanic Pro) indicates that my drive is at 44 degrees C. I am also getting a number of HD errors quite frequently. I thought of adding an additional cooling fan but can't find any mounts inside the case. Maybe my HD is getting ready to die. Any ideas?
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  1. 44 isn't an issue, most hdds are rated up to about 60C. Increasing errors does point to an imminent failure.
  2. I ran the utility program designed to test Western Digital hard drives and it passes. I also ran Speed Fan and it indicated that my HD was running slightly warmer than the avg. temp for my HD. Probably is my HD. Would Seagate be an upgrade over Western Digital?
  3. Did you do a quick test? Different companies may or may not be better than another, I need more info.
  4. I ran the quick test and the extended test and both passed.
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