Will Bulldozer push down SB Prices?


Pretty much speculation i guess at this point as the we don't really even know the RRP for bulldozer cpu's in Australia..

But as an overall, do you think SB will decrease in price due to competition?

I ask because i'm currently building a PC and have almost everything else except for the mobo and cpu.

I've was looking at the i5 2500... yes yes, i know the k is no that much more, but i can't really see the benefit in the small increase. I mainly use my desktop for audio production and light gaming ( Although I'm itching for Diablo 3 to come out ).


Thanks for any replies.
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  1. I would say no since SB is well priced for the performance compared to current AMD's.
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    Really depends on the performance levels of Bulldozer. If they're competitively priced, yet underpowered as always, Intel won't have reason to be more aggressive with pricing, as they will still have market control for anything above middle grade speed .

    Honestly, at this point, with all the hype surrounding it, Bulldozer is going to have to be able to warp the fabrics of space and time to not disappoint people with it's performance. Pity too, because Intel is prepping for the 22nm die releases Q1 next year, which Bulldozer cannot possibly hope to match.

    TL: DR- I doubt Bulldozer will pose enough of a threat to force Intel to lower pricing
  3. agree with above, if they are competative and have lower cost/performance, then yes prices will come down. I am also in Australia and am waiting for them to be released also. At the very least the Phenom line of processors will drop in price as they will clear stock to make way for the new chips. I'm a bit frustrated as the i5-2xxx range has actually gone up in price slightly in the last couple months, although thats probably more to do with the exchange rate dropping.
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