My usb ports not working properly

I have an asrock am3 motherboard and I have a problem with copying files onto a usb drive. I can copy small files < 30mb ok but larger files say 200mb and especially avis 700mb won't copy at all. Its not OS related because I dual boot Linux and winxp and I have tried usb ports on back and front. the error is usually I/o error, splicing error and other stuff like device has been removed etc. Tried resetting the CMOS and playing with settings in bios but no avail. Any suggestions?
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  1. Have you considered that the USB drive might be the problem?
  2. Sorry should have said I tried it with a few different usb sticks and formatted them with the hp tool. I thought too the file was corrupt so I burnt it to a cd, copied it to the laptop, watched the film perfectly and copied it perfectly from laptop to usb stick but cant on the desktop machine so I'm guessing it's a motherboard problem on the desktop. Could it be power supply problem or loose connection? Tried taking out one of the hard disks but still won't work
  3. maybe a motherboard problem
    or maybe the usb drive is corrupt
  4. Well I think im happy enough it's not the USB stick cos it copies back and forth no bother using the laptop. If it was I'm sure I'd get the same error on every computer.

    I also noticed I can copy a large file onto the desktop machine off the USB but when I go to copy it back it won't? So it seems like a write error of some sort and bear in mind it copies smaller files no trouble at all.
  5. Aside from updating the chipset drivers (USB controller chip drivers) for your motherboard, the only thing else you can do is either RMA the motherboard or install a stand-alone USB card ($20).
  6. well the last time it happened to me
    i used my WINDOWS XP cd and repaired it...
    and voila it was gud again!!!!!
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