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I have an xps 600. It booted and was running, then a click and the unit shut down. All I have now is a blinking amber light on the main power button. The system is dead. Manual indicates a Power supply. Is this true and if so where to buy a replacement and find install instructions. Maybe its not economical to do the replacement and would be just as cheap to buy another comparable machine. thanks
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  1. have you tried:
    1) unplugging the machine for a couple minutes?
    2) Changing the CMOS battery on the motherboard?
  2. as said above, unplug the AC power from the back of the PC for 20 minutes. then try again. It is most likely the power supply, they are easy to change and it would be economical to replace it, they arent that expensive. You can get a good quality replacement for around $50-60
  3. hey thanks. I did the unplug thing. still the same. i have lights on the motherboard so I think it is getting power. Maybe the motherboard is bad?
    haven't tried the cmos battery yet. So how to determine if it is a power supply or motherboard problem? Help
  4. clutchc said:

    Thanks for the links on the power supply. They are great.

    I still have to determine if it is the ps or the motherboard.
  5. This is not a conclusive psu test but it's a start.
    I would reccommend a trip to a local pc shops test bench for a more precise evaluation.
    My local shop does it for free since if it is a dead psu chances are you'll be purchasing a new one while you're there.
    Good luck.
  6. thanks all for the tips and links. I just tried the paper clip trick with the PS. Plugged it in and I saw the fan on the video card start to turn, then a click was heard and then nothing. So I guess the PS is bad. Is that a correct assumption?
  7. The test i linked is conducted with your psu not installed in your system.
    And preferably a cooling fan attached not a gpu.
    If you can i would uninstall the psu and take it to a pc shop where it can be properly evaluated.
    Depress your case power button to discharge capacitors after you've unplugged it.
    It's not hard to remove a psu from a pc usually 2-4 screws and the cables .
    Make sure you're grounded(touch the metal part of the chassis or the psu with one hand)before entering the interior of your case.
    You could just take the psu or the whole tower to a repair shop.
    The choice is yours.
    Like i said most will not charge for a simple psu test.
    The whole tower will incur bench charges.
  8. Davcon,
    It's an XPS 600
    Won't be buying a replacement psu from a local shop unless they ripped one out of another XPS 600.
    Removal of the psu is a pita on that model.
  9. delluser1 said:
    It's an XPS 600
    Won't be buying a replacement psu from a local shop unless they ripped one out of another XPS 600.
    Removal of the psu is a pita on that model.

    Lol ! thanks delluser1 for your voice of reason and knowledge..
    I'm a little rusty been on hiatus from the forums all summer:)
  10. If you want to pick up an inexpensive power supply tester, here's a link to what they cost and look like. I have one and wouldn't be without it for builds and repairs.

    But, I would syill try replacing the CMOS battery to eliminate that. You'd feel pretty foolish if that was all it was.
  11. Ok. I will try the cmos battery. thanks to all of you.
  12. cmos battery is not the problem. Still looking at power supply or mother board.
  13. I would test your power supply, using a paper clip.
    This guide should help you out. http://dodji.seketeli.com/downloads/shuttle-psu-paper-clip-test.pdf
  14. just to update all. I ordered the power supply. Should arrive tomorrow. Will post a comment after I try it out.
  15. well folks, here is the verdict. It WAS NOT the power supply. Dell was right, it must be the motherboard. So instead of paying 400+ for a motherboard, I think i'll scrap it and buy a new more powerful laptop. Thanks for all the help
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