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Is there any difference in an HDMI signal from a PC card?

I've got a high end home theatre setup that I'm driving from a HTPC. I'm about to buy a new video card and I'd like to know if anyone is aware of any benefit to buying a substantially better video card for the HTPC. What I'm seeing is that you can get a decent 1gb card with HDMI for less than $100. I'm just playing movies but want to make sure the output from the card is as good as it can be. I just don't need true shader-quality differences - just a great HDMI video output.

To my understanding, HDMI is just a digital signal so technically if my pre-amp is doing all the heavy lifting (sound processing, video processing, etc) then the "quality" of the HDMI output is negligible since it's just a straight digital signal.

Am I missing something here? Don't want to overspend if I'm not getting any value but don't want to go cheap at the expense of the rest of the system over a few hundred bucks.
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    HDMI out from various video cards would carry the same signal, however the image processing that goes to the output will vary by card. So what you actually want is a card that gives you good picture quality, not a good output port. Check out some reviews online for the cards you are interested in.
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