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So heres the deal pretty much, I have never built a computer before or even so much as installed ram or anything like that.

I attempted my first build today and got it to post and all that and installed drivers and such but noticed that the CPU temp was very high (90 @ idle). I looked into it and saw that the stock heatsink I was using wasn't all the way pushed into the motherboard, and was I tried to do this one of the prongs used to mount it in there broke.

So I went down to tigerdirect and picked up a n520.

I installed it the wrong way (oops lol) and all posted well with idle temps sitting at 70

I installed some drivers and such and everest to check my cpu temp

When everst tried to check my CPU temp I got BSOD

I reset the system and was able to make it to bios, where I changed the ram speed to 1600

I put more ram sticks in (I only had 1 stick in the A1 slot) and tried to boot up but got the good old CPU_LED shining a bright solid red with no beeps.

The fans and everything would power up in the case, then everything would shut down, then everything would power back up but no POST.

So theres no doubt there was some wrong done on my part, here are the issues at hand:

CPU was way too hot and now has a nice fat burn mark on it (I think?)
RAM was not on the motherboard's authorized vendor's list (but I was able to post with this and use it for a good hour or two)

What I want to know here is where I went wrong and whether or not I should be worried about more than just CPU damage.

Here are some pics of my CPU:

So pretty much I have a new motherboard and new CPU on the way tomorrow, but I want to know if I need both or only 1, or if perhaps I'd need some more stuff.

Here was my build:
Asus sabertooth p67
intel i7-2600k
visiontek radeon 6950
16 gb corsair vengeance kit
Raidmax 1000w psu

Also wondering if it wouldn't be a good idea to just drop a brand new cpu into this rig as I'm worried I might fry up another.
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  1. Put some thermal paste on the next one......
    In fact, read the how to build a pc sticky in homebuild section,
    Lots of tips in there for first timers :-)
  2. I always had thermal paste on
  3. Sorry, I had put decent but looks like my phone stole a few words from my post :-/
    A pic of the other side of the chip would be helpful if you could please,
    But I do think you've inadvertantly killed your chip, possibly damaged the mobo as well
  4. Being your first build And not knowing what you know about building computers don't be afended by what I might suggest. the most important thing when building is to be very careful of the pins when puting in the cpu.The thermal paste wants to be a thin coat and the heatsink/fan wants to be tight to the cpu , not so tight that you are bending and breaking things. If you want to examine the MB socket to see if there is any damage you could try putting the new cpu in there.
    What changes did you make in the bios? did you change any volage settings?Did you plug the correct power cable into the 8pin cpu plug on the MB.
  5. ^thats why I pointed Op to the step guide, too much to type on a phone lol, and he can always refer to it :-)
  6. The only bios change i made was 1333 MHz -> 1600 MHz

    As far as the motherboard goes I don't think I see any bent pins or anything but what I'm afraid of is sticking my CPU in there, attaching the heatsink (I know how to do this 100% properly now lol) and then trying to POST and watching another CPU fry
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