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I recently installed Windows 7 on a Sata Hard drive. The installation completed. It asked to reboot and it did. However when it reboots the monitor says "no signal detected" and continues to reboot.

I have tried two monitors and three different cables.

I have confirmed my hard drive is recognized by the bios and Windows 7 is infact installed on my hard drive through the Windows 7 disk options.

Is this motherboard related?

I have a brand new mother board I could install all these parts on but I want to get the computer up and running properly before I do that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Not sure if this thread is in the right forum or not
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  1. Try booting into the Safe mode (F8).
    If that works, then you probably have a driver issue.
    While in Safe mode, enter Device Manager and look for device conflicts.

    Also, check all the motherboard jumpers with the motherboard User's Manual.
  2. Do you have a graphics card or is it onboard (integrated) graphics?

    If it is a card, while in safe mode, try to unistall the drivers via device manager, then reboot in regular mode. Windows default driver should work to get to the desktop. At desktop install the correct driver package from Nvidia or ATI (or whatever other card maker you have).

    If it is onboard video, in safe mode, try to get the latest motherboard drivers and install them. Reboot in regular mode to try that out.
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