Sound Problem Driving Me N U T S!!

Hi I have searched for DAYS for a solution to this problem... It is driving me crazy!!

HP Pavillion dv6000 (specifically dv6915nr).
I'm sure it's some kind integrated on board audio.

Sound Icon (down in bottom right of windows taskbar) has white "X" in red circle and on a mouse hover it says "No Audio Output Device Is Installed".

Going to device Manager there is no "Sound, video and game controllers" folder to group to expand???
[ Strange (to me).

Here's what i've tried:

Went to support page to update drivers at HP Site. Where I select Microsoft Windows Vista for operating system... Don't know what driver to download of:

Conexant High Definition Audio Driver
Realtek High Definition Audion Driver
Conexant High Definition Audio Driver (later version)

So downloaded the most recent one. And, since have tried all I believe.
Anyway, when I download the driver and run it to install, selecting overwrite all files, it comes back and says: "Driver Installation Failed: Could not find the device for this driver."
Then, I will immediately get a Windows popup that says "This program might not have installed correctly" and then asks me to chose "Reinstall using recommended settings" -or- "This program is installed correctly". I Have tried both.

Then, just by reading other posts decided to search for and download (UAA Universal Audio Architecture). I have really no clue what this is but was going by what I was reading. However, I really couldn't find one that didn't say was supported by anything but XP (Using Vista) so I downloaded this one from here because it said it supported "windows (all)". It was a realtek audio driver of some sort and went through it's thing and prompted me to restart, which I did. No change :(

Please, can anyone give me a nudge in the right direction, Please!

I've tried all the above, I also used the HP Recovery partition and i'm sure if that's the same as a full clean install, but i even went through to that so i'm willing to try anything...

Thank you very much!!
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  1. Tom's, please....
  2. strungout911 said:
    Tom's, please....

    Have you verified in the laptop's bios that the audio is enabled? If it is, try turning it off, then boot into windows, remove any audio devices, reboot, and re-enable it in the bios.

    Windows should recognize some new device when you re-enter windows and you can point to the folder when you've unzipped your drivers.

    Might not work but may be worth a shot (if you haven't already tried this).
  3. Sorry to say but that whole series was problematic. They generated so much heat they cooked themselves. HP even extended everyones warranty and replaced thousands of motherboards. Usually the video or wifi is the first thing to die. I wont touch a dv6000. Sell it before it completely dies is my advice.
  4. halcyon, thank you.
    I do not see any option to enable or disable audio in BIOS. Am I missing something?

    popatim you make me sad.


    Anyway, here is what I was going to post as an update before i saw your replies......
    I actually had sound for a short period of time, and now this is getting personal.

    Last night I went to Device Manager and did a right click there and selected the 'Legacy Hardware" option.

    Clicked on Search Automatically.

    The wizard does not find any "new" hardware.

    But It says if you know the specific hardware model, click next.

    From there I selected the Sound, Video and Game controllers (what has been missing in device manager).

    Then a list populates and here I have no idea what to select. One that did look familiar was Realtek. And I selected it clicked next.

    The computer shut itself off and then would continually loop trying to load windows. To stop this I booted into Safe Mode, and it then appeared to finish the installation from the Realtek deal.

    Suddenly, I had no more red X on the sound icon and had sound! Rebooted windows normally and still had sound. Terrified, I set the laptop down carefully on the chair and went to bed happy.

    Only to come out and wake up the computer only to see the dreaded *# ($ASYFEBW&#$&$*@)$ Red X and "No Audio Output Device Is Installed" once again where the sound control icon is.
  5. It does sound driver-related
  6. me...
    I sent another guy home today with a dv6000 (dv6408nr), his wifi and sound died. Time to look for something new.

    Edit - I am actually surprised some of these are still working though. I figured they were all dead and gone by now.
  7. one thing I'll throw out there about manually installing programs on windows. when the driver or program seems to install but will not stay. there is usually some snag in it. the one that comes to mind considering your example of it. you may or may not be aware that windows sometimes "blocks" programs from being installed. just go to the main .exe file of the install and right click it, then click "properties" see if you see something like "windows has blocked this program because it came from an unknown source" simply click "unblock" then 'are you sure'? answer yes, then click apply. windows will do this even with legitimate programs

    the other that comes to mind, since you said you got the "this program may not have installed correctly" message. go to the main .exe right click, then click properties, then I believe there is a tab called 'compatibility' just select the same version the software or driver is for, equal to or lower than your version of windows. sometimes that helps. if not, ultimately repeat the last steps but click "run program as administrator". although some would suggest against installing as admin. but it sort of officially tells the system to obey and install the thing.
  8. disable the sound card and use the SPDIF connection on the motherboard and connect it to the SPDIF connection on the NVidia graphics card if using the HDMI port or get a USB2SPDIF adapter and connect connect it to a SPDIF socket on the back of your computer and connect the back of the socket to the SPDIF connection on the NVidia Graphics card, I am assuming you have a NVidia Graphics Card with a HDMI output socket.
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