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Keep 8800GT OC as Physx card?

Hi there, I just recently purchased a EVGA GTX 570 to upgrade from a GTX 275. I was using a older BFG 8800GT OC as a dedicated Phsyx card but I'm wondering if I still need it. I figure one less card would be more power efficient especially if it's not needed with newer cards
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    Well before the chart idiots post I suggest this load up any physx game of your choice with gpuz running in the back ground with the logging enabled to see how each card is being used. Then enable physx on just your gtx 570, if the fps is lower and you feel the need to keep the 8800gt then do so.
  2. Well I finally received the 570 and did some Metro 2033 benchmark tests. Definitely worth keeping the 8800GT as a physx card. Time to run some tests and see if its worth keeping the 275 as a physx card. Only problem is I only have a Corsair 750W PSU. I'm not sure if it's enough to power a 570 and a 275. On a sadder note its a shame when you purchase a $350 vid card and you can't run a game on max settings, Metro 2033 in particular. I get around 30 fps average I was expecting at least 50. Guess I'll have to getva second 570 later on.
  3. Good luck with your gtx 570 and 8800gt. You might be able to pull off a gtx 570 + gtx275 depending on the load the gtx 275 faces while running physx. I did the same so that I would have a smooth 60fps while I enjoyed playing mafia 2.
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