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22" Hans and 19" Samsung monitor were hooked up to a machine I built about 4 years ago and ran dual displays using a Radeon HD 4570. The 22" Hans eventually stopped working completely and the 19" Samsung monitor just recently stopped working. Tried replacing the VGA and DVI cables used to connect both monitors and still no display. Tried replacing the video card in the machine I built and this did not solve the problem, still no display. I purchased a brand new machine off newegg and it arrived yesterday. When hooked up to the new machine the 22" Hans monitor gets a display, but it has streaks of green vertical lines, and gets a display, but all color is green and the display is flashing/blinking. When hooked up to the new machine, the 19" Samsung monitor gets a display through the BIOS boot then you get the display to setup windows for the first time and it goes blank. When you turn the samsung monitor on/off you get a display for about 3-4 seconds then it goes blank. I am going to pickup a new monitor today after work which should ultimately fix the problem. I suspect the Mobo on the machine I built somehow shorted out the GPU and caused the gradual destruction of my monitors.

Has anyone experienced or seen this issue before and can confirm this is the issue? I don't want to throw out 2 perfectly good monitors and I would like to see what parts I can salvage from the machine I built.

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  1. Hey Nick,

    Sounds like you did some pretty good troubleshooting. Most likely your monitors are acting up and they're not functioning correctly. If you're hooking your old monitor to a new computer, and it's still having issues, then it's definitely not the computer.
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