Need to replace an Ultra X2 750w power supply. Any suggestions?

My power supply just died on me. It was an Ultra X2 750w. Specs as follows.
nvidia nforce 680i
Q6600 processer
4 gigs of ram (4x1)
2 8800gt in SLI
2 500g hard drives
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    8800GT does not use much power actually. Are you upgrading any time soon?

    There's a good deal on a quality PSU

    High end Seasonic
  2. and if you're going to be upgrading in future and have big monsters such as the GTX 570s, so a 750W is your best choice
    NZXT Hale90
    and it's the same price and efficiency as the recommended one above
  3. Although the NZXT Hale is a good unit; the efficiency of the seasonic unit is much higher (88% / ~92%/ 87%) compared to (~85%,87%,86%) of the nzxt unit.

    Both the Seasonic X and the Nzxt kingwin based units are good psu's but i'd still prefer the seasonic if you go with the high end stuff because it's seasonic... nuff said.
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