Turning my PC into a Budget Gaming Rig

hey guys I need a bit of help with transforming my $550 home PC into a gaming rig.

I bought a home PC last year and would like to change it into a gaming rig. I'm really only changing a couple components, video card and PSU.

My current rig is:

an "Acer Aspire M3400"
880G ATX AMD motherboard
AMD Athlon II X4 635 2.9GHz processor
Onboard ATI Radeon HD 4250 graphics

Now I'm not particularly worried about upgrading anything else than my GPU and PSU. My processor is fast enough as it is to handle games, plus there is always the option of overclocking it if I need to. 4 GB of RAM is plenty, however memory is cheap so eventually that will get upgraded too.

Now I go through what I'm looking at for upgrades:

This sexy Radeon HD 6850!!

This sexy Radeon HD 6870!!

This sexy GTX 550 Ti!!

An lastly this sexy GTX 460!!

I've always worked with ATi in the past, so i've never used an NVIDIA product. If I choose an ATi Card I would already have the drivers for it. But if I choose an NVIDIA card, it would give me a chance to work with something new.

Now I need a new power supply to power my rig,on new egg's calculator I got 430 W i think (sorry can't remember) :D . I took the calculators advice and went a bit higher to be safe. I'm currently looking at this modular 550W from OZC:


Now this is where I need experts to help me:)
Is this enough for my rig? Is there enough amperage?
Or is there better cards on the market that I can get for a good price?
My parents are going to Ohio in 5 days and they said they would look and see if they can get these parts cheaper in the states (I'm in Canada). So if I screw up and buy the wrong parts i can't just return them, RMA might be an option though!

Anyways thanks for reading this entire thing,I really appreciate it:) I would also appreciate it if you guys could really help me out because I've never worked with PC's before.

Thanks, and bye.
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  1. The 6870 is the best option for you. Get your CPU up to at least 3.0GHz, but if you can't just leave it as it is. I'd recommend getting either one of these PSUs instead, though you choice is fine:





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