Pci-e 2.1 gpu not compatible with really old mobo?

i recently bought a radeon hd 5670 and whenever i boot up with the card my monitor is completely black , ive tested different things, installing drivers, adjusting voltage settings, but i can't get this card to work at all. my previous card works fine on the computer (crashes in games with nvlldmkm.sys error though, which is why im switching to a new card). anyways, is it possible that my motherboard does not support 2.1? my motherboard is around 4 years old with the last update being in 2008 and it cant be my psu because that is new with 550 watts.
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  1. PCI-E 2.1 GPU's have issues with PCI-E 1.0 slots. (Edit, for clarity, I'm not referring to the amount of lanes, but the generation of the PCI-Express slot itself. PCI-E 1.0 slots still have 16 lanes, just that they're the 1.0 generation of said PCI-Express 16x).

    Most likely, that's your culprit. What's your specific motherboard make/model?
  2. my bad, had a 2.0 pci-e slot on mobo, but asus has discontinued support for my motherboard in 2008, and im assuming, since pci-e 2.1 is relatively recent, there is no support for a pci-e 2.1 gpu on my motherboard and as a result, the black screen. does that seem reasonable? its either that reason or the video card is faulty.
  3. That shouldn't happen. PCI-E 2.1 cards work perfectly fine with 2.0 slots. You might have a bad card.
  4. pcie2.1 work fine in the majority of 1.x slots. its a BIOS issue where older bios's dont support pcie2.1, not the slot itself. check for BIOS updates. ASUS has BIOS updates for many motherboards to support newer gfx cards.
  5. Sounds like you had driver issues with your old card.

    Did you at least clean out all your Nvidia drivers before installing your new ATI card?

    How did you install the drivers with no video?
  6. geekapproved said:
    How did you install the drivers with no video?

    I was wondering that as well.
  7. i installed it before hand after uninstalling previous drivers. i cant do anything with this card. ill install it, and boot and my screen stays black. im really leaning to a faulty card here but im not quite sure, anyone know how to check other than putting it into another system? either faulty card or mobo is incompatible or something.
  8. I guess I'm not understanding.

    You uninstalled your old video driver, while using the old video card, and then installed the driver for the 5670 before you physically installed the 5670??
  9. I guess I didn't catch that part.

    That *might* cause an issue.
  10. this was after my many other attempts at installing the video card with no drivers at all. No harm in trying.
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